Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friends both old and new

How often have you heard the expression, "You can count your true friends on one hand"?

While we do have some that we call "true-blue" friends, we all have many friends, whether it be a neighbor, a casual acquaintance, or a co-worker.  Through the years I have met people from all walks of life that I consider as friends.  There are those that were in the school system with me, clerks in the various businesses in town, church members, club members, town employees, and many others that I could always depend upon.

Probably one of my best friends was Bett, who worked for me for thirty-five years, helped me raise my children, and shared all of my joys, as well as a few heartaches along the way.
My neighbors have always been wonderful, in fact all of them, so I will not call names.
As for a friend that I could absolutely not do without, it would be Susan Shedd, my beauty operator, who can perform miracles, and make me look like something that I am not!

For those of you who are not natives of Franklinton, you are not "come-heres", as some of you are led to believe. In fact, many of my friends today fall into this category. You have come into our lives as friends who contribute much to our community. In order to move forward, every town needs new citizens with new ideas, and ones who are willing to put those ideas into use.

Strangely enough, many of you came here planning to stay for just a while, but never moved away. The same is true for many young adults who can't wait to leave, and then can't wait to come back to settle down and raise their families. This little town does grow on you!

Many of my friends are ones that I have always known, went to school with, and are still friends with today. Nowhere will you find truer friends.  When you are ill, or trouble strikes, you need only answer the doorbell and find friends who have come to comfort you, bring food, or offer to run errands for you. Franklinton is truly a great place to live when you face adversity.

Several years ago, when my husband and I were traveling quite a bit, I once told him, "If something happens to me, be sure that you get me back to Crain's Funeral Home. If I have to be on display, I want to look as good as possible, and nobody can do the job like they can."  So, you see, even the funeral home directors are your good friends.

I found this quote the other day: "Tis better by far at the rainbow's end, to find not gold but the heart of a friend."

True friends come into your life but once,
This is because they have come to stay.
But through the years you add to this group,
And find wonderful new friends along the way.

True friendship can really never be measured,
Neither can it ever be bought nor sold.
It is something that you will treasure for life,
And it will bring you happiness untold.

So when you count your many blessings,
Be sure to add your friends to this list.
For without God's gift of friendship,
So much in life you would have missed.

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